A few words about us.

The development of technology, the growing number of obligations, the huge increase in competition force us to look for the methods to make faster, cheaper and secure shopping. For most of us, electronic banking, purchases of household appliances/consumer electronics and international trips via the Internet are now common. So why have agricultural production items not been available on the internet so far? They are now!

Our goal is to create a platform enabling the purchase of agricultural production items at the most attractive price, without leaving home. Thanks to our smartphone solution, any farm, regardless of its size, can buy the best fertilizers at an attractive price via the internet.

After over 20 years of experience in the distribution and import of fertilizers, using our passion for modern technologies, we provide you with an application containing an offer for our best fertilizers.

Doschem has been one of the largest importers of fertilizers and fertilizer components in Poland since 1997. Every year, we import, pack and distribute approximately 150 000 tons of goods.

We control our products from the place of their production, through transport, handling and storage in the port, to delivery to the customer in Poland. At every sensitive point, such as a loading or unloading port, we take samples of the goods and have them tested. Each test results in a report and a certificate.

We select our suppliers in terms of the ability to ensure the highest quality product and delivery guarantee.

All this so that our customer can enjoy the highest quality Urea 46%N, Doscan 27%N, Ammonium Phosphate or other fertilizers

Payments can be made directly to our account without commission from intermediaries. You can also make a payment (incurring the cost of the commission) via PayU or PayPal. You can choose based on real benefits.

The maximum delivery period is 3 weeks for products for which no specific delivery deadline was specified in the product description (e.g. 3 months or until the end of February).

Enjoy your shopping and high yields!

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